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Create elegant, smooth, no-frame terrazzo surfaces in any design with PrecastTek technology. Individual pieces of precast terrazzo are precision cut and pre-fabricated, ready to install.

Three products that transform the terrazzo design and installation experience when used alone or together. 

Create precast masterpieces

Maticulous pre-assembly and labeling at our facility for easy, quick installation on site.

Bold, multi-colored patterns, or sleek simplicity. Anything you envision is possible.

Any design you can envision is possible with precast terrazzo and PrecastTek
  • Digitized cutting technology for any precast product

  • Precision cut and pre-assembled, ready to install

  • Services include materials sourcing and selection

  • Manufacturing technique allows exact duplication of your design for multi-location installation

  • Designs can be adhered to flooring and vertical surfaces.

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