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Precision-cut frames are adhered to the terrazzo substrate as a single unit, ready for aggregate to be poured. Use FrameTek in combination with StencilTek for large projects that require both hand-bent and machine-cut strips.

Three products that transform the terrazzo design and installation experience when used alone or together. 

intricate design excellence

Aggregate poured into FrameTek appears exactly as the artist intended.

Computer-guided technology cuts metal and plastic frames quickly and perfectly.

One unit or one-hundred units, each FrameTek piece is picture perfect
  • Available in a range of materials: aluminum, brass, steel and plastic in many colors

  • Replicate a designer's vision perfectly

  • Single unit or multiple identical units for multi-site projects

  • The quickest, most cost effective option for detailed terrazzo designs

  • Technology enables the production of virtually any design, including fine lettering

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